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Hello i'm Laura...

We all live in uncertain times and sometimes life changes or unfamiliar circumstances are too difficult. Nobody deserves to go through it alone and seeking counselling is one of the most courageous steps to make. 


If you are feeling frightened, alone or overwhelmed with your problems then don't ever be afraid to speak out and seek help. No-one deserves to be alone and taking that first big step may feel daunting at first however the light at the end of the tunnel will always be there - as it can be a real help and comfort to feel safe and heard. 


There will always be times in all of our lives where we experience horrible circumstances and anxieties and sometimes you may need to look outside of your circle of friends and family to help understand and make sense of our distress and needs. 


If you have experienced or are experiencing periods of struggle there is always someone to talk to. Sometimes it isn't ourselves that are facing it - but perhaps people around you are, but still you are feeling troubled or panicked by it. 

Whether it is a result of an unexpected experience or the build up of emotions over time it should never be something you should have to deal with alone.


Counselling is never a service where we advise you how to live your life, it is more a safe and confidential place for us to look at your life, your troubles, your feelings, emotions and how they are affecting who you are today. 


Nobody should have to go through these times alone. Speak out, take that brave step and seek caring help. 


I am a qualified counsellor with many years of experience. I approach each and every client individually -
as everyone's needs are entirely different. I believe I can help with present issues and past trauma. 


Working to a highly expected ethical standard. I am reliable and non judgemental and believe that the relationship between counsellor and client is the key in enabling a succesful and creative outcome. 


Working from a private, confidential and comfortable room, that has been recently refurbished

  • Diploma in therapeutic counselling, which involved 4 years intensive training..


  • Member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and I am bound by its code of ethics.


  • Cruse Awareness in children & young people's bereavement care.


  • Rape Crisis women's oppression and sexual violence.


  • Cruse awareness in bereavement care
    for adults.


  • PODS (positive outcomes for Dissociative survivors)

  • Bereavement


  • Anxiety


  • OCD


  • Abuse


  • Eating disorders


  • Depression


  • Stress


  • Trauma


  • Post traumatic stress


  • Low self confidence


  • Bullying


  • Domestic violence


  • Anger management


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